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How do I avoid the awkward follow up?

The follow up is such a key component of our profession.  It’s important that we get good at following up with our prospects in order to bring more customers and business partners into our business.  If we don’t do it well, we can struggle to keep momentum, maintain...

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What brings network marketing down

Network marketing for the most part has a bad reputation over the years.  Unscrupulous companies, dishonest distributors and dodgy products have meant that nowadays some people will run a mile when they are approached with a network marketing opportunity. Famous...

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Are you looking for more buyers?

Looking for more buyers? “I’m looking for 3 more people to lose 10kg” “I have openings for 2 more people to join my team” “I still need another 2 more customers until I can get my promotion” If your social media profile is full of posts like these above, your network...

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I wanted to market my business and the opportunities it has on a broader scale. The company I’m with is “going global”. But I didn’t know how to stand out from the crowd. I, like all the rest used the same materials, the same words…so why would anyone pick me?
Then I saw one of Renée Young’s live videos! OMG…she was literally answering that question and others that were going through my mind. I could relate to her story and her struggles. I immediately sent her a message, I wanted to know more. Network marketing is not easy in a social network world. Renée Young unravels the mystery and teaches you the “how-to’s”! I’ve learned so much. Thank you Renée!

Jeanne Laux

Independant Distributor

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